A technology company pushing the edge of what's possible in real estate and construction using AI, blockchain, IoT, robots, drones, AR and VR
Who we are looking for?
Our goal is provide unique access to the world's best technology and talent. Join us at

- Senior Full Stack Developer
- Middle Full Stack Developer
- iOS Developer
- Android Developer
- .Net Developer
- BPMS Developer
Building Information Modeling
BIM is the latest game changer as a technology
solution. But like any new technology, there is
a great need for skilled manpower in this area
Business Process Management
We are constantly analyzing and improving
business processes to create a more efficient
and effective solutions
We are building a fully integrated
software solution built
specifically for the construction industry
Design and build highly personalized,
premium prefab homes of extraordinary
quality with us
Meet our team
A dedicated team of high-profile team leads, engineers and analysts are making disruption
Bagdat Mussin
Daniyar Assanov
Danabek Kaliazhdarov
AI Expert & Headhunter
Askar Zhambakin
Analytics Expert
Timur Junussov
IoT Expert
Asan Barzu
BPM Expert
Marat Kalibekov
BIM Expert
Eldar Zakiryanov
Software Architecht